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Elliott is paralyzed by doubt. Tomorrow he must go to Emma, far, far away from here. But on the eve of his departure, a strange meeting will change his future.

EMMA is a 20-minute long animated graphic novel for mobile phones and tablets. Available in French, English, and German. For iOS, Android, PC and Mac.

Discover the unique musical and visual landscape of EMMA in this short and immersive graphic novel.

This graphic novel was shown for the first time at Utopiales, the International Science Fiction Festival in Nantes. This tale is the first episode in a collection of short, poetic stories currently in development that revolves around EMMA.

A poetic science fiction short story: A personal story about doubt and the fear of the unknown. 

  • An immersive narrative experience: A dynamic story that unfolds at the user’s pace.
  • A unique soundtrack: With five original arrangements by Grégoire Pastre.
  • Captivating character design: Haunting images that blur the line between painting and photography.
  • A dark and mysterious atmosphere: A universe of sound and visual effects that enhances the story.

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