Pocket Kingdom


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Among air travelers, it is said that mysterious islands sometimes appear out of the blue, up there in the clouds. According to legend, the Old Gods withdraw to those islands, casting charms of oblivion and serenity to them.

The Chief editor of a well-known newspaper once made me an unusual offer. He promised me a great reward in exchange for photographs of one of those mysterious island and the God resting there.

A strange offer to say the least. One I could not refuse however: at that time, creditors was ceaselessly paying me visits. When they threatened to seize my beloved airship to cover my debts, I didn’t think twice and immediately left to start my researches.

Pocket Kingdom is an authentic throwback to the Amiga era. Signature steampunk pixel art, winsome chiptune soundtrack and retro-inspired gameplay with modern twists makes of Pocket Kingdom an unparalleled journey.

Wander around the island’s enchanted districts. Unlock access to new areas by collecting objects scattered here and there. Trick gravity, discover helpful devices and listen to the weird stories told by the locals. Getting out of Pocket Kingdom depends on it. So does unveiling the place’s mysteries.

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