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*Please See Our Discussions Board To Report Any Bugs And Read About Any Updates*
Spellblast is a genre mashup, between a Shoot ’em Up & a Word Game.

Imagine R-Type bought Boggle a few drinks on a Friday night…..some scented candles….little Netflix & Chill….
Bada Bing Bada Boom! 9 months later…..Spellblast was born.

A new take on an old genre, Spellblast mashes the best elements of Shoot ’em Ups & Word games.
Blast your way through infinite levels and hordes of enemies, to collect the necessary letters for each round.
Once collected, you must unscramble the word before time runs out….while still having to take on the enemy onslaught.
If you are successful in your task, you will face some of the baddest bosses space has to offer!
How long can you survive?

Spellblast will feature unlimited levels, more than 5,000 words in numerous languages, over 15 types of enemies, a never-ending slew of boss battles & an incredible soundtrack composed by Curt Victor Bryant of Celtic Frost fame.
Created in multiple languages and with random level & word generation, Spellblast is intended for worldwide enjoyment & excessive replayability.

We will be taking Spellblast to Early Access….for the purpose of continuously creating new bosses, adding more & more languages (we will first be addressing all languages that utilize the Latin Alphabet before moving into Cyrillic and others), optimization for all available platforms including console, adding achievements & trading cards….and well, we believe in Early Access.
We feel over the last couple years that Steam users have lost faith in Early Access games and with good reason, but we see it as a great opportunity to really connect with and grow our community.
There have been a few really great companies, like Vlambeer for example, that utilize Early Access greatly and we wish to be one of them.
Besides, we have a few extra bonuses in store for those that join us in Early Access and become part of our ever growing community of players.

So get your spacesuits on & break out the dictionary, because….
In Space….No One Can Hear You Spell!

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